Thank you Mitchell King for always believing in me even when i don't and showing me the amount of love and support that i never thought could exist.

Thank you Yeliz Secerli for always being there and, lending me your impeccable  eye for design and art direction, always being honest and direct.

Thank you Jessica Lehrman for helping me pick the photos. You did what i could not in one year in about an hour.

Most importantly thank you, all the Death By Audio family for trusting me and letting me be around as much as I was and making me feel at home.

Oliver Ackermann, Edan Wilber, Matt Conboy, Mark Kleeback, Anuj Panchal, Stephanie Gross, Heather Bickford, Maggie Burnsed, Jay Heiselmann, Joe Ahern, Tara Blosser, Dorie Van Dercreek, Robi Gonzalez, Josh Intrator, Travis Johnson, Dion Lunadon, Burgers Rana, Gavin Schneider, Brandon Perry, Joe Kelly, George Wilson, Greg Wilson, Mack Moody, Aaron P